About us


Anome Projects BV is founded by Lieuwe Boskma, Joop Niezen en Alfred Boskma. They are experienced in starting businesses in various branches, over many years.


Anome Projects is"the" company for the execution of GC projects. It runs under exclusive license of Anome BV which keeps the relevant patents. Anome was founded specifically because of the GC ideas, an invention originating from Jos Hoebe, see www.anome.nl.

Anome Projects was founded early 2008, after conclusions of feasibility projects within Anome BV were so positive that investment in 1:1 projects were justified.


Noordelijke Ontwikkelings Maatschappij NV (NOM) is our fourth shareholder. The marketing activities are arranged in a joint venture with Boskalis, GeoHooks BV. Have a look at their website here (in Dutch)


Mission of Anome Projects is the worlwide implementation of innovative and sustainable hydraulic solutions based on GC building blocks.



Alfred, Lieuwe and Joop "on site"