Artificial Reefs


Near shore dams, breakwaters, environmental development, erosion protection, for example around windmills at off-shore winsparks. One integrated solution for protection and nature development.

Hiding places for fish, structures for anchoring os plants and mussels. Restoration of damaged coral reefs. Areas for sedimentation of sand. A toolbox of GC-elements,knowledge of materials, construction and design ideas and mathematical modelling, the "Bio-GC platform",

This all is based on our GC elements, preferably made of state-of-the art biocomposites.

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Anome Projects recently completed scale tests for Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft. Also a design is made for a larger reef, intended for the "waterproeftuin" (testsite) in the Natuurlijker Markermeer IJmeer masterplan.


For info about these scale tests click here



Schematical cross section of a GC reef for environmental development, enhancing of biodiversity, creation of quiet areas for birds, and for erosion protection. An integrated soltution combining many wishes.



Close-up within a GC reef, at Rotterdam Maasvlakte. Similar shapes and structures will be used in larger reefs, in order to give "living space" for a variety of organisms. The many hollow areas and connection points seem similar to the geometry of coral reefs.