Anome Projects strategy update


Noordlaren, 1 February 2009,

Strategic plans have been completed for the period 2009-2012. Anome Projects will focus on the development and introduction of three GC based formulas. A "formula" is a package of activities including modelling/calculations, material selection, GC design and manufacturing, assistance with finding proper consortia of companies, assistance with the GC application, Quality control.


3 formulas will be developed:
- Bank & Bed protection
A bank or bed will be protected with a layer of GC's. This project builds on the work done in the Rotterdam pilot with TU Delft, Gemeente Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam and Rijkswaterstaat Innovation Test Center.
- "Chain Dike"
Within a dike element a layer, or "chain", of GC's will be applied with the aim to prevent or reduce failure.
- Artificial reef
An artificial reef (or porous near-shore dam) creates quiet areas, gives hiding places for all sorts of organisms, gives places to settle for plants and may even lead to sedimentation thus increasing brightness of the water. One integrated solution for a variety of wishes.

There are indications that this type of open construction may offer broader solutions to "anchor" sand, leading to major savings compared to conventional methods. For temporary constructions bio degradable versions are planned.


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