N.V. NOM participates in both Anome B.V. and Anome Projects B.V.


Noordlaren, August 2009,


N.V. NOM, Anome B.V. and Anome Projects B.V., agreed that the NOM will participate in both Anome BV anmd Anome Projects BV

Also the NOM will give a subordinated loan to Anome Projects BV.

Anome B.V.
Anome, based in Noordlaren, has a patent portfolio on the Ground Consolidator (GC). Anome Projects executes GC projects, in collaboration with a broad group of partners, and will introduce GC solutions on the civil engineering market shortly.

De N.V. NOM, Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands is an independent company which aims to develop employment in the Northern Netherlands by stimulating sustainable profitable economic activities.

" If you have plans, ambitions or ideas for the economy in the Northern Netherlands, we will gladly help you achieve your ambitions. For example by introducing you to partners, customers and suppliers. Or by providing you with appropriate funding or by becoming a shareholder in your company. Or by pointing out subsidy opportunities, by assisting you in finding a suitable location or by giving you advice".

Financing has been done through the Pre Seed Capital Fund (PSCF), dat per 1 november 2008 door de NOM is opgezet. (Now f-linc)

Lieuwe Boskma, director of Anome Projects: 'We are very happy with the NOM as our new partner. Their participation, their financing and their network will assist us with the implementation of a few promising projects, further development of some proven ideas and strengthening of our organization.

Wytze Rijke, coordinator of the PSCF at the NOM adds: 'We at the PSCF participate because we believe in the future the GC may have in said appliactions, and also in some potential further applications that still have to be tested. The spin off Anome and Anome Projects may have for the Northern Netherlands is substantial, so we are really happy with the agreement'

For more info please contact

Mr. Lieuwe Boskma, director of Anome Projects B.V., lieuwe.boskma@anome.nl, www.anome.nl

Mr. A.H. Verheij, directiesecretaris N.V. NOM, (050) 521 44 33, verheij@nom.nl, www.nom.nl