27 Aug 2009 Slope protection with GC's applied on maasvlakte


This week a GC layer was applied as a pilot project for "slope protection" at Rotterdam Maasvlakte. After months of preparation a flood-piece was made onshore, covered with a GC layer, and pulled into the water by Boskalis. This piece, with dimensions of 20 x 26 meters was descended on the bottom of the Yangtze harbour. Our webpages Bed, Slope and Bank protection show many pictures.



This project is part of a collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat ITC, Boskalis, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, TU Delft, Ingenieursbureau gemeente Rotterdam and Anome Projects. For monitoring Witteveen&Bos joined this group.


The GC's for this project are made of a Bio-composite. Strengthening of the polymer is not done by commonly used glass fibers, but by natural fibers. It is our intention to create a new, sustainable solution for civil engineering, in a cradle-to-cradle cycle. The material research is done in a collaboration between GreenGran and Anome Projects, supported by a grant from SenterNovem. Execution is partly done by Resin, Imperial Ventures and Reggeplast.


for info mail to Info@anome.nl