23 Nov 2009 Order received from Rijkswaterstaat for Artificial Reef research


Today Anome Projects received an order from Rijkswaterstaat for research of artificial reefs based on GC's. This programm is part of the NMIJ programm. The work consists of 2 parts:

1) Detailed scale tests (1:8) will be executed on GC assemblies. The intention is to create a platform of building elements (GC-subassemblies) and test these for mechanical and hydraulical properties. With these elements it should be relatively easy to design various reefs, with the required "calmness" as starting point. For this part Anome Projects will closely collaborate with Delft University.

2) A plan will be made for a larger reef, intended for the so-called "water-garden" (new 1:1 testsite for NMIJ). For this plan Anome Projects will closely collaborate with Witteveen&Bos, while in the final stages further parties will contribute (Hydronamic, Boskalis, Bureau Waardenburg, Deltares)


For info about artificial reefs see the reef webpages

For more info mail to info@anome.nl