15 Jan 2010 Evaluation of first 5 months slope protection positive !


Today specialists of TU Delft, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Gemeentewerken Rotterdam, Rijkswaterstaat ITC and Anome Projects looked with great detail into the testdata of our pilot project at Rotterdam Maasvlakte (Boskalis is also part of this team, but wasn't able to join this session). Witteveen+Bos took testdata, on a weekly basis, at 10 measuring points. The data showed that our large GC package was filled with sand in about two weeks, after which an equilibrium was reached. The package suffered waves, storms, ships and several ice periods, but no changes whatsoever were observed. The goal, protection of the sand slope below our mattress, seems achieved. This is good news, and supports the idea (wish) that this type of layer can be an alternative for layers of stones / rubble. The experiment will continue to late 2010.



Step height is about 5 meters. In the front erosion at the Yangtzeharbour. Further in the back the GC layer prevents this type of erosion.

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