1 Feb 2010 Scale tests Artificial Reefs completed


At the Technical University Delft scale tests were executed with GC reefs / dams. A large amount of stainless steel 5 cm GC's was used. Subassemblies were tested for their mechanical and hydraulical properties. For example, a cube (with many thousands of GC's) was tested for wave reduction, followed by a test with two of such cubes, in a row. Also tests were done on triangles, on plates, and various combinations of these. The idea is to develop a "platform"of shapes with their mathematics. This knowledge is the basis for design of larger reefs. The research is done for an order from Rijkswaterstaat, with co-financing from Anome Projects.


Currently a plan is made for a larger reef, using the results of the scale tests, in collaboration with Witteveen+Bos, Hydronamic, Waardenburg, Deltares and Boskalis. The plan is submitted to the Main Contractor for Rijkswaterstaat for the NMIJ region, which is Royal Haskoning.


Example of a model reef, in the wave test site. This model contains an open area for sedimentation and for ecological research.

For more info mail to info@anome.nl