Maart 2010 BShore concept nominated for "De Vernufteling 2010" !!


Witteveen + Bos and Anome Projects together made the design for the BShore concept and applied for

"De Vernufteling". (impossible to translate. Something like "the guywith the most innovative idea")


De Vernufteling is the yearly award for the most innovative project from an engineering (consultancy) company. KIVI NIRIA, NLingenieurs and technologietijdschrift De Ingenieur organise De Vernufteling with the goal to create more awareness of the work of the engineering companies.


From a large amount of projects 15 were selected for the final round ("nominated"), among them our BShore concept !


Click here for the animatiefilm


For explanation about the BShore concept click here


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