17 Februari 2011 Anome Projects presents to minister Schulz van Haegen


This morning Anome Projects presented at a business breakfast of the Vereeniging voor Handelaren 1847 (this is a major business club for the north of the Netherlands) in Martiniplaza in Groningen to minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and Environment and further guests. The GC was presented, along with some of the challenges start-up companies meet when introducing an innovation for the Civil Engineering market.

Core of the message was this: "Look to what a beautiful innovation is emerging here. Dutch top-knowledge of civil engineering and of biocomposites is now combined to develop radically new constructions. People already work for two millennia with sand, stone and clay to build protection against the water. Here we come with something really new. Let your various test facilities and the tendering procedures be such that they establish a culture that really stimulates innovations ! "


Lieuwe shows scale models to the minister and explains the innovation






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