22 Sept 2011, BShore Haarlem constructed


On Sept 22nd a segment of BShore has been constructed on the small island "Mooie Nel" near the city of Haarlem, on behalf of the community of Haarlem


This island (which is situated just below the water surface) has been planted with reed and reedmace several times already. However, always the plants disappear after a short while through grazing by waterbirds like geese.


Now a layer of GC's has been applied over fresh young plants. Hereby these plants should be less accessible for the birds. The idea is that at the time the plants are strong enough to survive these threads the GC's will slowly disappear. Hereto 20 cm GC's are developed, made of PLA, strengthened with hemp fibers and aggravated with sand. This material is bio-degradable over a few years. 2 material variations were used, and GC's were applied in 2 densities. A total of 5 zones have been constructed, at various water depths.





Various GC zones, at various water depths. At the very foreground reference area, with fresh plants but without GC's


Construction has been done by the contractor W.A.Benecke from Westzaan, coached by Anome Projects


For questions or info mail to info@anome.nl