11 nov 2011 GeoHooks founded


Today GeoHooks was founded !


The Anome Projects team has been searching for strong partners since its start in 2008. Especially for Sales and Marketing we recognized that a strong relationship with well established partners is a "must". We are proud to announce that Boskalis BV and Anome Projects reached an agreement about the founding of their joint venture GeoHooks BV, which will be "the" new outlet for GC-based solutions.

GeoHooks will act as an independant label in the civil engineering market, all parties can acquire GC constructions from GeoHooks. The full spectrum, from the delivery of just a box with GC's to a full installed and maintained GC construction will be offered. GeoHooks can install the GC's or assist with your own installation. GeoHooks' office is situated in Rotterdam, check out their website here.

Anome Projects will focus on GC design and on material research in collaboration with an increasing network of innovative partners in these fields. Sustainability and Durability are the key drivers.


contact Lieuwe Boskma for further information






For more info mail to info@anome.nl