6 Feb 2012 Order received for Artificial Reef !


A consortium of Boskalis, Witteveen+Bos and Anome Project today received the order for design, building and monitoring of an artificial reef. This reef will be build within the experimental area of the NMIJ program of Rijkswaterstaat. (www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/nmij) .


Over last few years several scale experiments have been completed and designs have been made. The full size reef that will be build soon has demensions of 73x20 meters, and is constructed with 65,000 40cm GC's.  These GC's will be made from a cradle-to-cradle biocomposite in and around a steel frame.


It is expected that this reef will contribute to the NMIJ goals for enhancing the environmental development within the Markermeer by 3 meachanisms:

  1. this reef offers space (habitat) to plants and animals. This will find save places within the reef, similar to a coral reef. It may act as a breeding spot for a wider area. Water plants, fish and mussels may find a place.

  2. The poreus reef which extends just above the water surface will create a quiet zone where birds can eat.

  3. The reefs reduces water turbulence and it is expected that sedimentation will occur. Therefore it will contribute to the improvement of the water quality (transparancy). 

So, the reef will contribute to three different goals in one construction.


The reef will be build in 2012/2013 just south of the Enkhuizen-Lelystad dike. It will be monitored over 3 years for both hydraulic and biological parameters. The monitoring is coordinated by Witteveen+Bos.

A team of GreenGran, Pezy Product Innovation, M-Plastics, Didak and Anome Projects will develop the composite, make the GC design produce the GC's. GC’s for civil engineering have been tested extensively by these partners earlier, in collaboration with TU Delft, Port of Rotterdam, Gemeentewerken Rotterdam. Several GC projects have been supported by the Innovatie Test Centrum of Rijkswaterstaat and by Agentschap NL.


The developments around this reef can be followed on www.anomeprojects.nl/rif


For further questions mail to info@anome.nl

contact Lieuwe Boskma for further information







For more info mail to info@anome.nl