Nov 2014   Order from Gasunie for Freespan Prevention plan


GeoHooks received an order from Gasunie to study the feasibility of freespan prevention and repair with a GC mattress in the Dutch waddenzee seabed. Freespan is a situation in which there is insufficient sand coverage above a gas pipe, on the sea floor, due to local erosion. Traditionally this problem is tackled with suppletion of sand and/or stones, or deepening of the pipe. The study describes a plan containing a GC layer covering the erosion well above the gaspipe. This layer will slowly collect sand. The stable GC/sand package that is formed will protect underlaying layers against further erosion. This concept has been proved in earlier pilot projects. In this plan sustainable slowly biodegradable GC's will be used. Advantages of the concept are less disturbance of the environment, better curing of difficult freespan cases and less maintenance over longer time periods.

Anome Projects selects and tests the raw materials and the GC's for this study.


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